Camden, London | An Honest Review

by Jenna
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Camden, London | An Honest Review

Do you fancy Chinese for starters, Mexica for main and African for dessert? Well if you do then a) you’re my type of lover and b) you can get all that and more in Camden. If you don’t mind the 50,000 strong crowd of people standing in the way then you can enjoy some of the best street food in London. There’s so much choice and a lot of it is reasonably priced. However, some of the stalls are very expensive and the staff are so stressed and over worked that they’re a bit rude to the customers. Understandably of course…

When Suz and I went to Butchies, the chicken shop, the guy was so rude and told his colleague not to serve anyone else. He didn’t think to tell us so we buggered off. If the man had told us that there’d be a wait then that would’ve been fine. But his obnoxious attitude and severe lack of “giving a hoot” put me right off having fried buttermilk chicken burger.

The food is pretty great but there’s also drink! Choose from hundreds of bubble tea/posh smoothie/cast ale stalls to quench your thirst. A thirst that you have probably built up when you tried to get from the tube station to the market.

Camden Market

Have you ever watched a TV programme and thought; “wow, I would love that character’s face on a t-shirt”. Of course you have, we all have. Well in Camden market you can get nearly every character from nearly every TV show on nearly every item of clothing. At the moment the two main characters from Breaking Bad are the flavour of the month but there’s always old favourites hanging around like Johnny Depp and Amy Winehouse.

Unlike other parts of London, Camden brings the very straight conservative dressing people and the very odd, totally out there punk looking people together in harmonious peace. With a mostly youthful vibe, there is something for everyone here. If you’re under 18 and want the latest craze e.g. fidget spinners, then you’ll find them on every stall for about £2. However, if you’re over 60 then there’s lots of respectable and un-respectable bars, loads of house ornaments, furniture and fashion jewellery available.

Music & Chill

Camden Roundhouse is probably one of the most famous music venues here, although there are many, many others. KOKO has seen the likes of Madonna, Charlie Chaplin, Kayne West and (my personal favourite) My Chemical Romance play at this amazing venue. If it’s comedy you like then there’s The Comedy Loft, (beware the drinks are RI-DUNK-ULOUSLY expensive) or there’s a wide range of open mic nights around the main high street.

One of my favourite things to do in Camden is buy a few beers and sit beside the lock. Just drink and watch the canal boats go past while enjoying the sunshine, the smells and the atmosphere. It really is one of the best places in London.

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