Munich, Germany | An Honest Review

by Jenna
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I had high expectations for Munich, I had heard it was one of Germany’s most amazing cities. It wasn’t. It was fun and there’s a fair bit to do in the city centre but I just didn’t feel anything from the place.

Things to do in Munich:

  • Marienplatz – The centre square has lots of lovely bars and restaurants
  • The Deutsches Museum – The world’s largest science and technology museum
  • Oktoberfest – The world’s largest annual beer festival
  • Englischer Garten – A really lovely super large public park in the centre of Munich

Bavarian beer is rather delicious and the food is pretty good too. St Peter’s church in the main square is, like most religious building, architecturally stunning and really bloody lovely to see. Although I was disappointed in Munich we did have a great time just wandering around the Bavarian streets exploring the neighbourhood and trying on Lederhosen. Stop imagining me in some lederhosen, it’s not pretty.

Dachau Concentration Camp

On my last day I ventured to the Dachau concentration camp taking a train and then a bus as it was located quite a few miles outside of Munich. I was on my own this day so the somber atmosphere was heightened. This camp was the first one built and was a model for the other camps that were built around Europe. “Work will set you free”, these words hung over the gate to the work and re-education camp that eventually turned into a death camp.

They’ve turned a lot of the camp into a museum with some of the original features still present. However, a lot of the original stuff had either been destroyed when the Germans tried to cover it up or they had been put in other museums worldwide. In one building there was a large oven that you can only imagine what it was used for and as I walked passed it there was a man taking a selfie with it…

Something amazing happened when I was exploring the concentration camp; a lady had two large fluffy dogs with her and for some reason they came bundling over to me, very excited and very fluffy. I stroked them and they lifted my mood more than anything else could’ve at that moment. Visiting the Dachau concentration camp can be very distressing as it’s a reminder of what we humans are capable of. But it was also a reminder of how dogs are so much better than humans and the world should just be full of fluffy four legged creatures rather than us two legged terrors.

Skinny dipping in Lake Starnberg

Lake Starnberg is Germany’s fifth largest freshwater lake, it’s also known as F├╝rstensee. This lake is beautiful and on the very sunny day that we went there it was surrounded by people sunbathing, having picnics and getting drunk. My friend and I really enjoyed our day at Lake Starnberg. In fact we enjoyed it so much that we found a secluded section of the lake, took off our clothes and went skinny dipping. My floppy breasts have never felt so free! I would highly recommend going naked swimming in Lake Starnberg, or anywhere in fact. It’s so freeing and liberating that you’ll never want to swim with a costume on again.

Along the lake are a lot of short wooden piers which belong to the huge houses lining the lake. I wanted to continue my free feeling so I thought I’d climb up one of the piers and jump off. Total starkers like. But when I climbed up I realised there was someone on it. I was then shouted at by a very angry German woman who was sunbathing on the pier. I suppose I would be somewhat frightened if a fat naked lesbian climbed up on my pier but she didn’t have to shout quite that much…

Have you been to Munich, what did you think of it? Where would you recommend to go in Germany instead?

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