The Best Lesbian Bars & Events in London

Going to university in Bournemouth meant that my introduction to lesbian nightlife was pretty lame. The gay triangle district in Bournemouth is full of men with rarely a woman in sight. Cut to three years later when I move to Kent and start going out in Soho (at the time Candy Bar was still open) and it was amazing. A bar just for lesbians – quite a small bar but a bar none the less.

It’s been a few years since Candy Bar closed down but soon after it shut its door She Bar opened theirs. She Bar, I imagine is named after the club from The L Word is on a busier Soho street, old Compton street. The underground bar is a similar size to Candy Bar but there’s a lot less seating and because of the arched brick ceiling it can sometimes be difficult to stand up.

Gay bars, Soho

Other bars in Soho that are lesbian friendly are:

  • G.A.Y – downstairs is an unofficial women’s floor.
  • The Friendly Society – also has a lot of women in it but it’s ridiculously overpriced and reminds me of my ex who used to go there a lot.
  • Freedom bar – is good but it gets super busy so you have to book and pay a deposit for a table.
  • Heaven – is more of a mixture of men and women but also a mixture of gays and straights.
  • Ruby Tuesdays – is a weekly women’s night at Ku Bar.

The Southbank

Without a doubt this is one of my favourite places in London. On a sunny day or warm evening there’s nothing better than sitting on the Southbank having a few drinks on the green and people watching. Along the promenade are a line of restaurants, bars and coffee shops but these get stupidly busy. The Southbank is especially good when the Underbelly tent is there, even if you’re not seeing a show (and I recommend that you do) you can enter the grounds and have a drink. Last time I did this I met Susan Calman.

Gay Pride

Once a year floats, parades, DJs, musicians and a shit load of people line the streets of London to celebrate homosexuality. Even if you’re an uptight sort of homosexual, the electric atmosphere and fun at Gay Pride is infectious. You definitely have to go to London’s Pride at least once. But be warned, even though there’s thousands of people there you will inevitably bump into your ex.

Southbank Surfing

When a fellow lesbian first told me that she was going Southbank Surfing I thought she was stupid, you can’t surf on the Southbank? But it’s not a watersport, it’s a monthly lesbian Meetup that happens at Clerkenwell & Social.

Such a concentration of lesbians in one place is rather lovely to behold and it’s even better when you’ve had a few to drink. Mingling and meeting new people is encouraged but sometimes you get the sense that people just stay in their own groups for the entire night. If you’re a lesbian and you get the chance then definitely go to this great night out. However, due to the London lesbian scene being a bit incestuous, it is like a pub full of your ex, current and future lovers. More info here.

Lesbian Meet-Ups

During my first year living in Kent I didn’t know any other lesbians so I went to a lot of Meet Ups in and around London. Whether you want to meet someone new, make new friends or take part in sports and weird activities, there’s something for everyone. When on the Meet Up website simply search for “lesbian” within London and you’ll find lots of groups and events including shows, dinners, book clubs, martial arts and dog walking days all for the London lady lovers.

Is there something that I haven’t mentioned here? Send me a comment and let me know!