lesbian book

How To Be A Lesbian

A Short Comedy Guide

This satirical book is full of helpful (and sometimes not so helpful) tips and anecdotes on how to be a lesbian.

Things you will discover in this book:

  • Why lesbians dress like men
  • Which one is the man
  • How to interact with other lesbians
  • How to deal with homophobic people

This guide is suitable for:

New lesbians – hello and welcome. Old lesbians – hello and nice to see you again. And non-lesbians who want to find out how we have sex – hello and either a) stop asking me or b) skip right ahead to Chapter 7 to find out for yourself.


Dark Comedy Novel about Suicide

The Suicides

Dark comedy fiction novel

From pissed off, failed suicide victim to reluctant Angel of Death for the local depressed residents of Malford, Sandra has discovered a new passion for assisted suicide.

But there’s somebody on her case…

The Suicides is a laugh out loud dark comedy with a light hearted take on depression, mental health and suicide.

If you liked Dexter, The Virgin Suicides or The Dublin Trilogy, then you’ll love this!

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