lesbian book

How To Be A Lesbian

This very funny ebook is full of helpful (and sometimes not so helpful) tips and anecdotes on how to be a lesbian. From the best way to come out as gay, to the best way to meet and interact with other lesbian women, and from celebrity lesbians to dealing with homophobic people.

feminist book

How To Be A Feminist

Unfortunately, feminism, like the word “moist” is very offensive and when used in public will be greeted with scoffs and people projectile vomiting. That’s why I have written this extremely serious and useless guide on how you can too become a feminist. 

Gallivanting in Barbados

A humorous journal of my trip to Barbados where I went to a wedding, swam with turtles, snorkelled over shipwrecks, partied on the beach, came close to death by puffer fish and realised that jumping off a trampoline in the sea is no longer my idea of fun. 

Thailand book

Gallivanting in Thailand

A humorous journal of my trip to Phuket, Thailand exploring Patong, Kata, Karon, Phi Phi islands, Big Buddha, the elephant sanctuary and much more. This comedic and realistic piece of travel writing takes you on a journey through the island of Phuket.


dark comedy book

Pecan Pie

Nut allergies meet a drunk, a student and a coma-ridden funeral director in this humorous short comedy story that will have you laughing and dreaming of pecan pies. Please note this book will not help you make a Pecan Pie but you might not want to after reading it…

suicide comedy book

Suicidal Janice

Suicide meets comedy in this short dark humorous story about a woman who plans to kill herself and how she prepares for the big day. But how will she do it? And what will happen when she tells her closest family members about what she plans to do? 


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