The Best Things do to in Edinburgh

by Jenna
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Edinburgh is the best place in the UK, fact! Ok, it’s not a fact but it’s my very strong opinion. If you’ve never been and you feel yourself giving into Edinburgh’s pull then here are a few things you can do up in the Scottish capital.

The Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe happens every August for the entire month and it is CA-RA-ZY.  If you can get over the flyers and drama students everywhere then the Fringe can be really good. There is so much variety in the Fringe, from comedy to singing, gay puppets to vagina monologues – if you can imagine it then there’s a show for it in Edinburgh.

During my show I made about £7 and paid out around £200, alas it wasn’t that successful. When I went back to visit the venue that I had performed in (3 years later) I found a £10 note outside. I was thrilled to bits. It was more than I had made from my entire Edinburgh run, the whole 6 days. So to celebrate I went to buy an expensive notebook for future comedy writing and scribbles.


Edinburgh Castle & Royal Tattoo

When I walked up the Royal Mile I saw a Sikh gentleman sitting on a bench holding a homemade sign that said “£80 tattoo”. At first I thought that was quite reasonable for a tattoo but how did he know what I wanted to have done? I could’ve wanted my entire back covered in a Star Wars tattoo, and that would obviously cost more than £80. Three days later when I heard cannons and some very loud bag pipes I realised that it was for the Royal Tattoo.

I never did see that Sikh gentleman again so I Googled the tickets and they were £200+. So if you’re planning on going to the Royal Tattoo then look out for a Sikh man – or buy your tickets well in advance. If you can’t get tickets then you still have to check out Edinburgh Castle, it’s stunning in all weathers. It dominates the city’s skyline due to it being on a huge rock/volcano. Inside is just as spectacular as the outside and so is the view from the castle walls. Though JK has never confirmed it, Edinburgh Castle was probably an inspiration for Hogwarts.

The Grassmarket

The Grassmarket is the bustling, colourful and exciting part of Edinburgh. With a ton of vibrant bars and restaurants this part of the city is definitely worth a good drunken afternoon at least. It was originally a market place for horses and cattle but you won’t see any of them here now. What you will see are streets full of charm and Greyfriars Bobby.

Bobby is a bronze skye terrier statue with the same Category A listing as the castle. The little fluffy is very famous in the city after he pined at his owner’s grave for many years after his death.

The market is also home to an abundance of independent boutique shops and The Elephant House. This ordinary cafe has extraordinary views of Edinburgh Castle and oh yeah, JK Rowling wrote some of the early Harry Potter books in here.

Arthur’s seat

If you want to see Edinburgh at its finest then get your fat backside up the big hill to Arthur’s seat. It’s not that difficult to climb as I did it in converse and tight shorts. So if you’re not a climber it’s not an issue. Up at the main peak of these hills you get amazing views of the city and beyond. It’s also very windy.

Edinburgh is my favourite place in the world. It’s so beautiful, interesting, fun and, unlike London, it has character and a real university feel to it – if that makes sense?

Have you been to Edinburgh? What did you think of the city?

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