The New Forest is Full of Witches and Tory Voters

by Jenna


The New Forest is made up of lots of little villages, all very pretty but all very conservative. Brockenhurst is the main bus and train interchange whereas Lyndhurst is the unofficial capital with lots of shops and tourists. During my recent trip to the New Forest me and a group of lovely lesbians went to Burley.

Burley is full of folklore and many varieties of flavoured fudge. The New forest was once home to several covens; a special witch named Sybil Leek from Staffordshire moved to Burley after getting married and set up an antique shop. It was in Burley that Sybil practised her craft; her fame spread fast thanks to the radio and television after which she moved to America and wrote many books on witchcraft. You’ll find a lot of witchy themed shops and buildings in Burley and if you look closely you’ll see little doors for fairies or burrowers. There’s also stories of dragons in the New Forest but they must’ve been hiding cause we didn’t bloody see any.


New Forest Animals

Famous for its animals, The New Forest is full of ponies, horses, piggies and a mixture of strange country folk. When we were standing in a field feeding a family of ponies a woman from a nearby house started calling them and told us that they were her ponies. She then went to grab a huge sack of carrots and started to fling them to the horses. It all got very strange when she started talking to them and referring to them as her babies. I think that perhaps these ponies were not hers and she didn’t actually live in the house where she came out from.

When we went in the New Forest museum there were a series of informational leaflets. Here’s one that I thought was interesting, sad and very bizarre:



Top things to do

The best things to do in The New Forest include visiting Lyndhurst, walking for miles in the fields, visiting the ponies and voting for the Tory party. Also if you’re into sport and activities then there’s a shit load of canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing and golf to be done. If that’s your sort of thing. If not, then there’s lots of lovely country pubs in which to get shit faced in while you admire the beautiful scenery and locals.

Although there’s a lot of luxury and budget hotels and b&bs in The New Forest, there is a ton of camp sites which is where we stayed. Check out my blog about my first camping trip in which you’ll find out how many lesbians it takes to put up a tent.

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