Brexit Comedy Sketch

Comedy Sketch: Brexit

Sitting on the work surface of a kitchen in a studio apartment is a fruit bowl filled to the top with wonderful juicy fruit. But not all of the fruit are happy, it looks as if the oranges are trying to leave the fruit bowl.

Comedy Sketch: Fighting The Bourgeois

The mother enters the house to find her daughter standing in the hallway holding a bucket of red paint. Mum: Tabitha, what on earth do you think you’re doing?!
Raven girl bird

Comedy Sketch: The Goth Girl

Raven is a 15-year-old goth who is currently in the middle of a disagreement with her mother outside the local community centre where a ballet class is currently in session.
Stop apologising

Sorry, But I’m Going To Stop Apologising

Am I over apologising because I’m a woman? Or because I am from a rather splendid part of Southern England and must uphold excellent manners at all time? Either way, it needs to change!
female CEO

If Women Were Like Men For A Day

6am: Wake up feeling like an absolute God before going into the bathroom and shouting “legend” at myself in the mirror.
being LGBTQ when travelling

How I Cover Up My Gayness To Travel

When taking an Instagram photo instead of pulling a funny face I look off camera, pull my ponytail above my head, stick my arse out and put the hashtag #SummerFeels and #SwipeUpForDiscountOnAllBikinis