Comedy Sketch: Fighting The Bourgeois

The mother enters the house to find her daughter standing in the hallway holding a bucket of red paint. Mum: Tabitha, what on earth do you think you’re doing?!
Raven girl bird

Comedy Sketch: The Goth Girl

Raven is a 15-year-old goth who is currently in the middle of a disagreement with her mother outside the local community centre where a ballet class is currently in session.
Stop apologising

Sorry, But I’m Going To Stop Apologising

Am I over apologising because I’m a woman? Or because I am from a rather splendid part of Southern England and must uphold excellent manners at all time? Either way, it needs to change!
female CEO

If Women Were Like Men For A Day

6am: Wake up feeling like an absolute God before going into the bathroom and shouting “legend” at myself in the mirror.
being LGBTQ when travelling

How I Cover Up My Gayness To Travel

When taking an Instagram photo instead of pulling a funny face I look off camera, pull my ponytail above my head, stick my arse out and put the hashtag #SummerFeels and #SwipeUpForDiscountOnAllBikinis
feminism history

A Short Fun History of Feminism

History can be tedious and boring, so here’s a fun timeline of the most important female events from the past few hundred years. 1553: Mary Tudor became queen of England meaning she was the first woman to rule England in her own right and not in the shadows of some power hungry king 1870: Married women were legally allowed to