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Oh Great, I’m Turning 30

In my 20’s I took 0 risks, hardly went out, turned my strengths into weaknesses and ate a lot of dough.
depression and comedy

Chocolate is orgasmic so why doesn’t it help my depression?

Like the hot guy from Queer Eye said in one episode, “food is medicine” – sure, this quinoa and avocado skinny salad may make me feel smug, but rubbing this deep-fried chocolate doughnut over my body before shoving it in my mouth is going to shut my depression up for AT LEAST 5 minutes.
Stop apologising

Sorry, But I’m Going To Stop Apologising

Am I over apologising because I’m a woman? Or because I am from a rather splendid part of Southern England and must uphold excellent manners at all time? Either way, it needs to change!