Turning 30

The Last 6 Months of My 20’s: Day 1

I’ve got six months left of my twenties, I’m 16.2 stone, 5’8″ and work as a digital content manager. I’m engaged to Suzanne, live in a two bedroom flat with said fiance and three smelly guinea pigs.
Giving up your seat for a woman on a train

Men Should Give Up Their Seat For Me

I get on the train every day, and unfortunately, my fellow commuters and I have developed a sort of dance that we perform which is hell for everyone…
feminist lesbian comedy blogger

How I Knew I Was A Lesbian

Just because I’ve never liked makeup, handbags and the opposite sex, doesn’t mean that I have always known that I was a todger dodger.
Brexit Comedy Sketch

Comedy Sketch: Brexit

Sitting on the work surface of a kitchen in a studio apartment is a fruit bowl filled to the top with wonderful juicy fruit. But not all of the fruit are happy, it looks as if the oranges are trying to leave the fruit bowl.