The Last 6 Months of My 20’s: Day 1

I’ve got six months left of my twenties, I’m 16.2 stone, 5’8″ and work as a digital content manager. I’m engaged to Suzanne, live in a two bedroom flat with said fiance and three smelly guinea pigs.

Sounds great? And it is, apart from sometimes when it’s not.

A lot of my life is lived in boredom, isolation, depression and in a state of food drunkenness. I eat to fill my boredom, you see, I used to drink alcohol to fill my boredom, but that got expensive.

I have six months left until I’ve finished my 20s and start the new decade of my 30s. Everyone who I’ve spoken to about this has said that their 20s were a shit- fest, ignore your 20’s they say, everything super happens in your 30’s!

So, in six months time I hope to be two stone lighter, have had at least one positive reply about my fiction book that I’m trying to get published. Got myself a literary agent for my new lesbian, feminism and comedy book that I’m writing, and be in a much happier place where I no longer rely on food and self-hatred to get me through the day.

I’m going to tackle my demons, try new things, be adventurous and do things that take me so out of my comfort zone that I throw myself on the floor crying. You know, things like going out after 8pm or saying what I think without worrying about what people think. And then I’m going to write about it, so here is day 1.

Day 1

I’ve taken today off work to focus on editing my latest comedy video and write the third chapter in said lesbo comedy book. I’ve managed to get out of the house and be around other living human beings as this helps take the edge of my depression. I’ve eaten half a huge chocolate bar and an expensive cookie from a coffee shop. Both took me on a roller coaster of emotions, from “OMG LIFE IS AMAZING” to “holy shit do I feel low…”

I went to the gym this morning which set me up for the day, even if it was rather boring and full of muscly ken dolls… And I plan to go to badminton later. So I would say that the chocolate and exercise are now evenly balanced.

That’s about it for day one, I’m just going to use these next few days to really see what I do and don’t do that affects my mood, weight and general outlook on life AND THEN I’M GOING TO GET ONTO THE GOOD STUFF. These posts will get more interesting, hilarious and insightful, I promise.