Things to do in Las Vegas

The hotels are without doubt the main attraction in Las Vegas. Some are bloody lovely, with Ferrari showrooms in the Wynn, a man-made beach at the Mandalay Bay and a family of lions in the MGM Grand.

Do lions belong in hotels for human’s entertainment? That’s a big fat no. But they are very popular so I can’t see anything changing. Unless one gets out and eats some tourists…

Other grand hotels include The Mirage, with its fantastic fire display, The Venetian with the inside and outside gondola rides (beware the gondoliers sing, loudly) and The Bellagio with its breathtaking water display. It really is an amazing water display which happens every 15 – 30 minutes and is in time with music.

The further away you get from the middle of the strip the dodgier the hotels get. The first time we visited, we stayed at Circus Circus. This was a great hotel, it had a circus in the middle of it and it was as near the dodgy end as we would want to be. The Stratosphere hotel, although good to visit for the view is in a rather shady part of the strip. So unless you want to be robbed, stabbed or buy a few lines of coke then I suggest not walking further down than the Stratosphere. Especially on your own, at night, with your expensive camera out.

Las Vegas Shows

Who doesn’t love dinner and a show? Well me, I’ll just have the dinner thanks. But when me and my mum went to Vegas Barry Manilow was playing at the Hilton. My mum LOVES a bit of Barry (a proper Fanilow) so we bought the last two tickets to see his show; they cost us about $200 but it was definitely worth it. Most shows in Vegas are very expensive so it’s worth pre-booking tickets online or from one of the kiosks dotted around Vegas.

Las Vegas Casinos

Love getting little static shocks from the lift buttons and everything that you touch? Good, because once you’ve been through the casinos you are now electrified for the rest of the day. For those of you who don’t know how to play poker or are intimidated by the poker tables, there are a lot of fun slot machines. My mum and me just played on these, she was rather entertained by the different animations on them. Oh look, an upside down turtle just pooed out $5!

On the way back to the airport at the end of our trip we met an older lady who comes to Vegas every year and always wins back the cost of her holiday from playing poker. Yeah, well we won $5 from a pooing turtle.

General Info

The first thing you’ll notice when walking down the street of Las Vegas is the number of Mexicans handing out cards. On these cards are details of ladies of the night/hookers/prostitutes/poor victims of drug and trafficking. After you’ve had about 10 people click their cards in your face it really does get very infuriating.

Because the roads are so big in Vegas, every time you need to cross one you have to go over a foot bridge. This can also get very infuriating after you’ve crossed 5 of them and still haven’t got to your hotel. Once you do get to your hotel, it is normally a good 10 minute walk to your room because the hotels are ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE. Once you’ve got over that you’ll have a super time in Las Vegas. But only go once because the 2nd time it’ll all get a bit too much.