The Last 6 Months of My 20’s: Day 4

I don’t like to boast but I did a 10k run for charity this morning, and what did you do? 

It was a proper bitch of a course; there was me thinking it was going to be flat, on the road and er, easy – but it wasn’t. It was cross country, up and down hills and the route covered in trip hazards and cow pats. But I finished it EVEN THOUGH THEY SAID I COULD STOP AT 5K!

After said run, I was fairly wobbly on me legs so I decided that I should treat myself to a corned beef toasted bagel and 5 single fingers of white Twix… Yes, ok maybe that wasn’t the best choice of food, but if I don’t deserve to eat 5 single white Twix fingers on the days that I do 10K runs, then I REALLY REALLY don’t deserve them on the days when I’m lounging on the couch in my pants, picking my ears with my car keys and feeling like a right fat slob.

I’ve now just signed up for another 10k and, get this… A half marathon in Feb next year!! I’m like a fatter, gayer Paula Radcliffe. It also happens to be the month before my wedding, so I’m basically thinking that this is going to make me so buff that I’m going to look like this during the big day:

Image result for cate blanchett suit