• Gallivanting in Windsor

    by Jenna

    You may think that Windsor is full of royals, tourists and a fuck load of swans. And you’d be right, the place is bloody full of them.

  • An Honest Review of Birmingham

    by Jenna

    It’s a great place to buy a burner phone or a broken laptop that no longer has a keyboard but Birmingham market is not good for much else.

  • An Honest Review of Pontypridd

    by Jenna

    After a long ass drive from London to Pontypridd we arrived to the hotel at 11pm. Although we had informed the hotel of our late arrival we found the reception empty.…

  • An Honest Review of Cardiff

    by Jenna

    The first thing to say about Cardiff is that the parking is horrendous. Naturally in any city parking is expensive but £7.50 for two hours? I almost shat myself with shock and…

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