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Open letter to men

Dear Men, Sexual Harassment is Not Funny

With the #MeToo movement you would’ve thought that men would be more careful when it comes to making jokes and comments about sexism and sexual harassment, but no.
Giving up your seat for a woman on a train

Men Should Give Up Their Seat For Me

I get on the train every day, and unfortunately, my fellow commuters and I have developed a sort of dance that we perform which is hell for everyone…
female CEO

If Women Were Like Men For A Day

6am: Wake up feeling like an absolute God before going into the bathroom and shouting “legend” at myself in the mirror.
feminism history

A Short Fun History of Feminism

History can be tedious and boring, so here’s a fun timeline of the most important female events from the past few hundred years. 1553: Mary Tudor became queen of England meaning she was the first woman to rule England in her own right and not in the shadows of some power hungry king 1870: Married women were legally allowed to