The Best Things to do in Barbados

by Jenna
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The Best Things to do in Barbados

Finally the day that we’d all been looking forward to; the private catamaran trip. After an early pick up and a bumpy ride to Bridgetown we arrived at the boat; 11 family and friends and three crew members all ready for an unlimited drinks fuelled trip around Barbados. Our first stop was snorkelling with the turtles. I got an amazing shot of the turtle taking a breath above water via my GoPro. The best thing about the shot is that you can’t see the 30 odd people behind me all desperate to see the one turtle that was in the area. The ratio of turtles to people was 1:30.

Shipwrecks x 2

After swimming with the turtle we got back on the boat and headed to our next snorkelling stop near two shipwrecks. The 2 ships were: French boat Berwyn that was sunk by its own crew in 1919 and the Bajan Queen that was sunk in 2002 after being donated to the Coastal Zone Management Unit after living out its time as a party boat. Everyone was able to get down to the ships to see inside but when I tried my ears screamed in agony due to the air pressure. Suz’s dad went under an archway on the boat and a piece of coral scratched his back, I have some wonderful footage of it (


The Private Catamaran

Although we hired a private catamaran for the day we could’ve gone on the Jolly Roger ship that takes you to the same places but has a plank you can walk off and a rope you can swing off into the sea with. The downside to the Jolly Roger is that you have to share it with other annoying tourists and why would anyone choose to do that? After lunch (none of which was spicy #win), we all jumped off the boat and went swimming near the beach. It pissed it down and it was amazing. There were a large number of guys on jet skis circling us like a sea of sharks around a family of seals; they spoke English but they didn’t understand when we all said we didn’t want to ride a jet ski.

When it was our time to sail back to Bridgetown the crewmembers asked us to dance and show everyone else at the docks what a great time we were having. We were having a great time but I believe they wanted to use us as some sort of free marketing tool, cheeky. Everyone started dancing which was fun but watching close female family members grinding on their guy’s private bits to some Shaggy was a bit too much. It was like everyone was in a Rihanna video. Although to be fair she is the queen of Barbados as her music is everywhere you go. It’s like she’s their national anthem “come here rude boy, boy can you get it up?”

Post catamaran dinner

That evening it was our turn to cook dinner; I was stressed but not because there was seven of us to cook for but because one of the seven was a top chef from New York. “Would you like cheese on your pasta bake?” We might not have impressed her with our cooking skills but at least our leader isn’t Donald Trump. She apologised and told us how delicious the pasta bake was. At least two Michelin stars worth she said.

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