Sexism Row as Men Piss For Free But it’s £80 for a Woman

by Jenna
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Dutch woman fined for peeing

This week a Dutch woman was fined £80 for urinating in the street after she got caught short after a night out. With the nearest pisser a good few kilometres away she decided to wee in the streets while her friends kept watch. Once she was done she was confronted by police officers and was charged with “wildplassen”. Which translated into English simply means urinating. 

‘What you in for?’
‘Double murder, you?’
‘Wow that’s f**ked up.’

When she fought the charges in court it caused a national debate. Rightly bloody so. The judge told her that she should’ve used one of the men’s facilities instead of resorting to just pissing in public. In Amsterdam there are 35 public urinals for men and three for women.

How do you wee in a urinal without a penis?

I expect that the judge’s wife laughed very hard in his face when she found out. Apparently the council is not obliged to provide facilities for women… What utter bullshit; why is it that men are suddenly more in need of the toilet than women? Sure, men over a certain age or with prostrate issues may need to piss more regularly. But what about women who have had babies or whose pelvic floor isn’t what it used to be? 

A pissy protest

Personally I’ve never tried to wee in a urinal but I have weed in a sink and it is not something I would recommend. Messy, just messy. The lovely women of Dutchland have started a Facebook group/protest where they upload pictures of themselves trying to use the public urinals. Check it out here. If the Dutch lady did try to pee in the male public urinal it would splash everywhere meaning that she might as well of just pissed in the street anyway.


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