My parent’s 45th wedding anniversary

It’s my parent’s 45th wedding anniversary today. They split up over 28 years ago, but still, I like to remind them of that happy day when they decided to marry and then eventually have my brother (a curse) and me (a blessing).

I’ve never known my parents as a couple because my dad left when I was only two, (two-year-old Jenna was such a cute little chubba chub) which has now led to a series of expensive therapy sessions.

Growing up, it was very common for my school friends to only have their mum at home. What? Your dad still lives at home with you? And they’re happy? WEIRD!!

In fact, for most of my life it’s been strange if a married couple have stayed together, because every one that I knew ended up in divorce, whether due to someone having an affair or someone being incredibly unhappy.

That’s why it was sooooooo bizarre when I met my Suz’s parents who are also having their 45th wedding anniversary this year, but unlike my parents, they’re still together. They were supposed to be on a cruise around China to celebrate but, well, what can I say, they have terrible timing.

So I never really wanted to get married tbh, not just because my mum kept telling me not to but because it seemed like it was a kiss of death, unless you’re trying to make sure that your “surprise” unborn baby isn’t going to be a bastard (by birth anyway) then I didn’t see why nonreligious people wanted to get married.


Lolz, obviously not, it took me 6 years to propose.

Dear parents, thanks for getting married, even if you only managed 17 years and accidentally had my brother. Mum, thanks for giving me your weird feet and Dad, thanks for giving me your thick fibrous back hair, PE at school was so much fun after the kids found out about that.