Lesbian Things to do in Dundee

Who knew that you could go to Dundee and get a tan on the beach? Well you can’t, but there is a lovely beach at Broughty Ferry where all the posher richer people live.

Brian Cox recorded a sitcom based in the Ferry (as its locally known), called Bob Servant; here’s an interesting fact for you, Suz’s dad grew up on the same road as Brian Cox. What a claim to fame. Broughty Ferry is definitely the best place in Dundee. The scenary is spiffing and when the sun comes out (the one day a year) the little beach shop opens and people sit playing in the sand in their duffel coats.

Gay bars & clubs

There’s a shit load of bars and clubs in Dundee and some of them are gay. Gay bars include The Salty Dog, B4 Out, The Klozet and Pout Nightclub. It really is a LGBT friendly place. The place was full of gays actually, but that might just have been because the only people we met were Suz’s friends and 85% of them were gay.

The science centre

During our stay in Dundee Suz and I ventured to the science centre, to learn about space, gravity and how quickly Suz can empty her mind. Luckily we were the only ones in the centre which was fab because it meant that we got a special demonstration on the bones of the human body.

We also got to play a mind game in a small arena, we had to put a funny metal hat on and clear our minds. With our hat on we sat down at either end of a table with a ball on a wire going through it. The buzzer rang and we had to empty our minds and as we did that the ball would move nearer the person who had emptied their mind the least. My mind never stops going because I am a horrendous over thinker and with a small ball creeping ever closer it was an easy win for Suz.

General Dundee – ness

Dundee is a very studenty place due to there being two universities, Abertay and Dundee. Dundee uni has one of the best medical schools in the country and Abertay uni is where you go when you can’t get into Dundee. According to Val McDermid. Suz told me not to write her opinion that Dundee is good if you’re a student but it’s crap if you’re not. So I’m definitely not going to write that.

It’s also up and coming in terms of art, music and drama. Especially with the new V&A being built on the waterfront. If you’re looking for a particularly classy night out then I’d recommend going to the DCA as it’s a marvellous restaurant and gallery. One last thing to recommend when visiting Dundee is going up the Law Hill, it’s got rather lovely views.

Where else in Scotland is good? The Highlands of course!