How To Be A Lesbian – A Short Comedy Guide

lesbian book

“Such a funny read – literally belly laughed through it. Raw, real and hilarious insight into the world of coming out and living your life as a lady lover”

– Louise M, Somerset

This satirical book is full of helpful (and sometimes not so helpful) tips and anecdotes on how to be a lesbian.

Things you will discover in this book:

  • What to wear
  • Why lesbians dress like men
  • Which one is the man
  • How to interact with other lesbians
  • How to deal with homophobic people

This guide is suitable for:

New lesbians – hello and welcome

Old lesbians – hello and nice to see you again

And non-lesbians who want to find out how we have sex – hello and either a) stop asking me or b) skip right ahead to Chapter 7 to find out for yourself.

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