Gay people exist because pregnant women have anal sex, says bishop

A Bishop has told a group of kids that gay people exist because pregnant women pass on their desire of anal sex. Lolz.

The Church believe that being gay is wrong, so obviously they are looking for someone to blame for the gays, but don’t blame God. Stop blaming God! He’s not responsible for ANYTHING, it’s all the fault of us humans, and if it can be the fault of us female humans, even better!

I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that gay men aren’t just gay for the anal play. Lots of gay and straight men like a bit of bum fun and lots of gay and straight women like it as well (not me, mine is more of a one way system).

Aside from this being physical impossible for the unborn baby to enjoy a bit of bum action like his muma, why is it always the gay men that get the discrimination? What things do pregnant mothers do that turn their unborn daughters into lesbians? I’ve asked my mum and the only thing she can think of is that she went into B&Q a lot and wore my dad’s t-shirts.

Obviously this absolutely rubbish spouted from the bishop’s mouth shouldn’t be taken seriously, but the fact that it was said to children in school is worrying. If we’re going to have an inclusive, accepting and progressive society we need to start with the kids, so let’s stop religious leaders going into schools and teaching kids this rubbish.

Or at least let them see that there is an opposing argument by letting the Fab Five from Queer Eye go into schools and teach kids how to be decent human beings. God or no God.

Oh and the mother of one of my gay male friends has confirmed that the bishop is in fact wrong.