How Do Comedy Writers Find Their Audience?

Us budding writers, filmmakers and creators of comedy know that it can be tough to find an audience online, that’s why I went along to the “finding your fans online” event in London and have written the highlights in this blog, how bloody good of me.

Find your fans

I’ve always liked to think that if my comedy/work is good enough that it will be found as soon as I put it up online, either I’m no good (don’t say a word), or my theory is crap and I actually have to do some proper work to find my fans. It can seem a bit pretentious to say that people who like your comedy are fans but let’s call them that for argument sake. 

An interviewer once asked me what my fans meant to me, and I replied: “They provide cool relief when it’s too hot outside, I especially like the Spanish ones with the flamenco dancers on.” Because I am a complete berk.

Who is your target audience? What do they do and where do they hang out? Do you know other creators doing similar things that you could collaborate and engage with? Depending on where your comedy sits you should analyze the analytics to find out who your audience is e.g. 68% of my audience are women and 32% men, all aged between 25 and 34 and where are they coming from? Either or Facebook.

Shit hot tips

  • Reliability: If people can relate to something or see themselves in it then they will like it, we’re all narcissistic douche bags at heart,
  • Balance: If you can stand on both feet without falling over then great! Also get the balance of quality and quantity right, don’t put out amazing stuff once a year but also don’t put out utter shite every week,
  • Truth: Create something that you want to make, something that you love and makes you laugh and not what you think other people will like/laugh at. I only write things that make me laugh, it doesn’t make you laugh? Then why are you still reading? Because I’m sexy? Fair enough,
  • Social: Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and if you love Russians then Facebook as well. The more interaction you have with other people in the industry and your fans the more people will know who you are and return to your work,
  • Originality: Don’t be a copy of every other twat doing the same thing, be different, if everyone is doing something then come up with a different, more unique way to do it. If you create something that no one else is doing then that’s already a great way to reach more fans. I know he’s a total dickhead but Kayne West is pretty good at this.

Marketing shizzle:

  • Newsletters are awesome, you should definitely do one,
  • Social media is essential, you should use Hootsuite to schedule your stuff,
  • Kickstarter is great if you need to raise funds for a project,
  • SEO is an absolute must,
  • Give tasters, for example, I have an absolutely fantastic book and I have published a chapter of it to entice people to buy it, 

To conclude

Make sure that you create the best thing you can and be inventive with social media and learn who your fans are and where they hang out. When uploading to YouTube or your website make sure you optimize correctly, (don’t tag Justin Bieber in your blog post if he doesn’t feature in it because Google will punish you). I have a blog post that does ridiculously well because of what I’ve called it: “Lesbians loose in Phuket” and you will see that we weren’t really that loose, (apart from Suz on day 4 after that Pad Thai). Lastly, make sure you feed your fans regularly, they’re a demanding bunch of seagulls who want to eat your comedy and if you stop feeding them they will go elsewhere.