Famous Lesbians

by Jenna
Ellen degeneres lesbian celebrities

There are now more lesbians on TV than there are straight people; this may not be true but it’s what my dad says to me every time I speak to him. “And she’s a LESBIAN!” are the words that frequently hit my ears when I visit him.

After some hardcore investigating I have discovered that my father is correct, there really are a truck-load of lesbians on TV now. Here are some celebrities you should know about and a little bit of information about each one.



Rosie O’Donnell – large, loud, American comedian who featured on Will & Grace,

Ellen DeGeneres – the Universe’s biggest talk-show host who isn’t Oprah,

Portia De Rossi – Stralian actress who happens to be married to the woman above,

KD Lang – Canadian singer who, according to Wikipedia, is also an occasional actress,

Rhona Cameron – Scottish lesbian who outed Sue Perkins on I’m A Celeb,

Jodie Foster – American actress and lamb whisperer,

Billie-Jean King – the Universe’s best female tennis player who didn’t come out of Oracene Price’s vagina (that’s Serena and Venus Williams’ mother for those not in the know),


Ellen Page – short actress and title character from the film Juno,

Kristen Stewart* – the annoying girl from Twilight who is now a totes awesome, moody lesbian,

Cara Delevingne* – posh English model who has a very nice face,

Ruby Rose– Aussie actress from OITNB and some Vin Diesel flick,

Kate McKinnon – comedian who dresses up as Ellen and Bieber but still looks straight,

Taylor Schilling* – Lead actress from OITNB, who is HAT!

Katherine Moennig – Shane from The L Word, also Gwyneth Paltrow’s cousin,

Leisha Hailey – Alice from The L Word, who once dated KD Lang,



Lizzie Borden – a killer (though she was acquitted) who was a big fan of axes,

Rose West* – serial killer who has had a ridiculous number of lesbian relationships and proposals since being in prison,



Clare Balding– lovely horsey lady off the telly who never seems to be off the telly,

Susan Calman – funny Scottish comedian from Strictly Come Dancing,

Wanda Sykes – American funny woman who my mum hasn’t actually heard of,

Sue Perkins– comedian, one half of Mel and Sue and ex-Bake Off presenter,

Sandi Toksvig– short Danish QI presenter and new Bake Off presenter,

Elton John – okay, so not a lesbian per se, but the most lesbionic looking man ever,


This list is obviously not fully comprehensive, so if I’ve left out some really awesome famous lesbians then why not comment and I will add them to the list! 

* Could be a lesbian or bi-sexual, they’re just not answering my calls to let me to confirm… 

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