Exploring The Set of Broadchurch, West Bay

by Jenna
west bay

The once unknown small town of West Bay is in a small Dorset town and it was as glorious as ever when we went to visit the set of the itv drama Broadchurch. On Easter Sunday morning at 8am Suz and I went gallivanting off to see the cliff that Danny Latimer had been found under and the police station that Olivia and David like to walk out of.

The drive from Poole (where we were staying for the weekend) to West Bay was so much fun; it was early enough to be empty, it was sunny enough to be beautiful and the spring time scenery was blooming – I almost broke into song.

I was beyond excited at the idea of seeing where the show was filmed, Suz however was completely nonchalant about the whole thing, especially as she hasn’t watched a single episode of the show, but she tried her best to join in with my enthusiasm.

Broadchurch finishes tonight on itv, the third and final series will come to an end and we will all find out what happened to Trish; my money’s on the vicar.

History of West Bay

West Bay is situated in a small town called Bridport – having stopped there many times to have a wee during the epic bus journey from Exeter to Poole, I can happily say that Bridport town is rather pants. The twixs at the bus station cafe are expensive, the toilets at the bus station are rather below par and the only thing going for it is that Broadchurch was filmed there.

Being along the Jurassic Coast line means that West Bay is very pretty and very old, making it the perfect location for a drama series about a boy getting killed. Being completely in love Olivia Coleman since she was in Peep Shop and being slightly delirious from the lack of sleep means that I was as happy as a pig in poo for the entire day.

Even if you’re not a fan of Broadchurch I recommend coming to West Bay to experience this beautiful and wonderful place. But don’t go to Bridport’s bus station – it’s skanky.

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