Comedy Sketch: Fighting The Bourgeois

The mother enters the house to find her daughter standing in the hallway holding a bucket of red paint.

Mum: Tabitha, what on earth do you think you’re doing?!

Tabitha: I didn’t think you’d be back for another hour.

Mum: It doesn’t take that long to go to the voting station and cross a little box with a pencil darling.

The mother looks at the bucket of red paint in Tabitha’s hand and then walks out of the front door and looks up at the graffiti on her house.

Mum: Why though darling?

Tabitha: Because you voted Tory.

Mum: So you painted a red raised fist and wrote “death to the bourgeois” on the front of the house?

Tabitha: Bourgeois blood must be spilled, the means of production belong to the working class, not a rich stuck up bint like yo-

Mum: Darling look at the new MacBook Pro I’ve bought you-

Tabitha: Ooo yay! Please tell me it’s the new 15-inch quad core or I’ll paint your Porsche as well.