Comedy Sketch: Brexit

Sitting on the work surface of a kitchen in a studio apartment is a fruit bowl filled to the top with wonderful juicy fruit. But not all of the fruit are happy, it looks as if the oranges are trying to leave the fruit bowl.

Orange: We’re not happy being in this fruit bowl, we’re going to go and live in our own fruit bowl

Banana: But you’re a part of this fruit bowl’s big happy family, why do you want to leave that?

Orange: Well, because we want a fruit bowl just for us oranges, we don’t want the mould that comes from the bananas or the worms that crawl out of the apples. We want a beautiful, clean, self-sufficient fruit bowl, where we can create our own mould.

Banana: Would you ever come and visit us again though?

Orange: Of course we would, we would love to visit you Banana, especially in the summer. And of course, we’d pop over to see you Apple, for those long Christmas weekends.

Banana: Great! Does that mean that we can come over to your fruit bowl and say hi?

Orange: Christ, no! We need to protect our bowl, we can’t have freedom of fruit or you’ll all want to come over.