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Comedy Sketch: The Goth Girl

Raven is a 15-year-old goth who is currently in the middle of a disagreement with her mother outside the local community centre where a ballet class is currently in session.
female CEO

If Women Were Like Men For A Day

6am:¬†Wake up feeling like an absolute God before going into the bathroom and shouting “legend” at myself in the mirror.

How to be a Self-Loathing socialist

It’s not always easy being a Labour voter, it’s a lot like supporting the country’s football team, you want to wish them well but you know that they’re just a bunch of complete berks.

How to be English

You may think you know how to be English but let me tell you, it’s not all tea and Tories, sometimes it’s tits and treacle.

7 Reasons Why Being a Waitress Sucks

Being a waitress/waiter is some nasty-ass business, even the most people-loving person will end up preferring a root canal on every tooth in their head.