Open letter to men

Dear Men, Sexual Harassment is Not Funny

With the #MeToo movement you would’ve thought that men would be more careful when it comes to making jokes and comments about sexism and sexual harassment, but no.
depression and comedy

Chocolate is orgasmic so why doesn’t it help my depression?

Like the hot guy from Queer Eye said in one episode, “food is medicine” – sure, this quinoa and avocado skinny salad may make me feel smug, but rubbing this deep-fried chocolate doughnut over my body before shoving it in my mouth is going to shut my depression up for AT LEAST 5 minutes.
Guy on a beach

How Do Comedy Writers Find Their Audience?

Us budding writers, filmmakers and creators of comedy know that it can be tough to find an audience online, that’s why I went along to the “finding your fans online” event in London and have written the highlights in this blog, how bloody good of me.