An Honest Review of Birmingham

by Jenna
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The bull ring Birmingham

Birmingham Market

A great place to buy a burner phone or a broken laptop that no longer has a keyboard but Birmingham market is not good for much else. Although, you can buy a huge sack full of toilet roll for £4 so there’s always that. The market is full of people selling random selections of objects either on a cardboard box or just on the floor, and there’s a lot of them. 

Everyone seemed to be a regular there, they knew where they could get their 50p make up and £1 Gucki boxers from. There were only two arguments there that we witnessed; one man was arguing with the net curtains stand owner and another with a security guard. It’s a real culture shock coming to the market. I recommend going just to witness it, or if you ever find yourself in need of some 2nd hand pillows.

Bull Ring

My brother loves Birmingham and often tells me how great the Bull Ring is. Well, compared to the market it’s bloody fantastic; new, shiny and full of top end shops like Hugo Boss. It is however full of people, so many many people. It’s not until you go into a big city like this that you realise there are too many people in this world and that people should stop having so many kids. I digress. 

The Bull Ring has lots of shops, food places and some posh toilets and is probably the best thing we came across in Birmingham. Which isn’t saying much because we hate big shopping centres…


General Thoughts On Brummy Land

Four strangers engaged in friendly conversation with us; one at the market and three in the Bull Ring, this to an introverted southern english twat is quite unnerving. But I appreciated their northern friendliness (I know Birmingham is technically the Midlands but it’s north of London so therefore it’s in the north). There’s a lot of homeless and drunken/drugged people around the place, and I felt a bit uncomfortable at times because there were a lot of drunken people eyeing us up while we were eating our Greggs outside the church.

Birmingham is well known for its Muslim population, but there’s a big divide in the city centre. You’ll find the market is 95% Muslim and the Bull Ring is 95% White and Black. The day before we had gone to Stratford-Upon-Avon which is 99% white and 1% Shakespeare, so it was a huge contrast.

It’s a bit run down and a bit scary in some parts but overall not too bad… But I probably won’t return in a hurry. Or ever. Soz.

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