A Short Fun History of Feminism

History can be tedious and boring, so here’s a fun timeline of the most important female events from the past few hundred years.

1553: Mary Tudor became queen of England meaning she was the first woman to rule England in her own right and not in the shadows of some power hungry king

1870: Married women were legally allowed to keep their own earnings. You mean that I can keep this 10p that I’ve just worked ten hours for? Oh my, how can I ever thank you kind sir

1884: Women first played tennis at Wimbledon and over 150 years later are still being called “female tennis players” rather than just “tennis players”. Ask Google who the tennis player with the most Grand Slams is and Roger Federer will come up. He might be a lovely bloke but he (as of Feb 2018) is 4 grand slam wins behind Aussie homophobe Margaret Court

1918: In Britain women over 30 were allowed to vote. Great, which old, white, pale and stale bloke should I vote for? There’s just so much choice…

1919: A new law allowed women to become lawyers, vets and civil servants; plus Britain got its first female MP. It would be another 60 years until one of them became Prime Minister, and what a Prime Minister she would become

1928: In Britain all women over 21 were allowed to vote the same as men. But to be honest I don’t know how they got the time in between doing the laundry and birthing children

1961: The contraceptive pill was introduced

1967: The Abortion Act was passed, clearly the contraceptive pill wasn’t as effective as one had hoped

1970: An Equal Pay Act was passed in Britain, just 100 small years after being allowed to keep their own earnings, well hopefully we’re not still having the unequal pay issue arise some 48 years later…

1975: The Sex Discrimination Act made it illegal to discriminate against women in employment, education and training, but no worries about toning the discrimination down in the pub cause that’s where blokes hang out init #LadsLadsLads

1970: A group of feminist activists stormed the stage at the Royal Albert Hall disrupting the Miss World Beauty contest

1975: The Equal Pay Act hoped to prevent women being paid less than their male counterparts. In other news the BBC announced a few months ago that their male employees are paid approximately 50000% times more than their female employees

1979: Margaret Thatcher became the first female Prime Minister. Yes, she was a total assclown and possibly the worst Prime Minister depending on your political preference but she was a great feminist role model

2014: Kim Kardashian broke the internet with a naked picture of herself balancing a glass on her backside. It has not yet been established whether Kim Kardashian is in fact the worst or the best example of feminism…

2016: Hillary Clinton lost the US presidential election to a racist, bigoted wotsit with a disgusting record of his treatment towards women, putting feminism back 200 years

… what next?