My Travel Wish List:


Berlin, Germany

My mother has always told me that I’m strange for being interested in World War Two. I’m not going to be who you tell me to be Mum! That’s why Berlin is on my wish list. Yes the war was a long time ago and Germany wants to forget about it, but I really want to go on a World War Two walk around the city. We’d explore the Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie and the Haus der Wannsee Konferenz. All before enjoying a huge tankard of beer over a discussion about the holocaust and how the whole thing could’ve been avoided. E.g. If France and Britain hadn’t been so mean to Germany after WW1. Both countries are hugely to blame, ooo burn. #TooSoon?


Glasgow, Scotland

Edinburgh is my most favourite place in the Western world, so when someone tells me that Glasgow is a bit shite, I don’t believe them. Yes the word “glass” is most probably used more as a verb than a noun there. And I can’t wear green or blue if I value my life but there has to be some lovely parts of Glasgow? Ok, so most sentences sound threatening in the Glaswegian accent and it’s a bit stabby, but SURELY there’s classy public houses for one to have an alcoholic beverage while enjoying the gorgeous scenery?



Abba is one of my all time favourite bands, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (the first ones written by Stieg Larsson not the silly newer ones) is one of my favourite books and The Bridge is an awesome TV show. Sweden has a shit hot amount of talent and awesomeness so I’m thinking if I go there and drink some of their water it will no doubt trickle into my own blood stream and make me very bloody clever. The country also looks beautiful and is right next door to a few other amazing countries; Denmark, Norway and Finland. Also 18 year old emo me really wants to go to a place called Gothenburg.


Taipei, Taiwan

This year a lot of people travelling to Taiwan said that it’s amazing place and that I must visit. Ok, no one has actually said this to me but I’ve read it on Travel blogs and that’s pretty much the same thing. I used to think of Taiwan as the place where most things I buy in the shops are made. Damn you capitalist bullshit society (I have since found out that made in Taiwan normally means it’s made in China).

The main reason I want to go to Taiwan is because they have a poo cafe there. No, you don’t eat poo there. You sick bastards. It’s like a normal cafe except you sit on toilet seats and eat curry from little toilet shaped bowls. From their website the cafe looks like so much fun. But just imagine if it was actually covered in poo and real toilet seats. It would be a very different sort of dining experience…

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