As the year ends everyone likes to do a wanky post summing up their year while we wait to embark on another one. So here’s mine. 2017 has been a very eventful and great year for me; although I still have my depression, I’m still fat and I don’t have my dream house full of puppies and money I have still done some pretty amazing things this year.

Places I’ve travelled to in 2017



Stratford Upon Avon

The New Forest




Things I have realised in 2017

I fancy Kezia Dugdale more than I fancy Nicola Sturgeon, sorry Sturg you’re out

I am adult enough to have bought my own place with a mortgage and bills and all that 

Thailand is amazing and it made me want to be a very successful writer so I can just write and travel all the time

Barbados is a bit disappointing and fucking expensive

My brother is a goon (this is not a new realisation so shouldn’t be in this list but I wanted to reiterate that he is indeed a right goon)


Things I hope to realise in 2018

Being the author of a best selling book in the window of Waterstones is the best thing ever

Owning a fluffy puppy called Mildred is the second best thing ever

Having a fat house with a fat bank account is the third best thing ever

Having a crazy amount of holibobs is the fourth best thing ever

Being thin is fun and I will be thin forever and ever Amen


Places I hope to travel to in 2018

Italy – an inter-railing adventure with the Scottish one

Scotland – with the Scottish one and two lovely friends

Spain – holibobs with one of my makers (my muma init)

In addition to these we will hopefully go away for some weekend trips but we are being thrifty because we’re saving for a big Asia adventure in 2019. Happy New Year lovelies.



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