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Gallivanting in Barbados – An idiot’s journal

Check out this comedic and realistic piece of travel writing that takes you on a journey through Barbados without any of the fluffy rubbish of normal travel books!

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Barbados vs British attitudes towards gays

There are some similarities between Barbados and Britain but there are also some big differences: It’s illegal to be gay & a box of Cheerios costs £7…

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The best things to do in Barbados besides getting shit faced on coconut rum

Hiring a private catamaran is the best thing to do in Barbados. We went swimming with the turtles (well there was actually just the one), snorkelled over shipwrecks and had a lot of rum punch…

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I went to a wedding in Barbados and it was jolly and hot and different

The wedding in Barbados was chilled, informal and lovely. However, suck-me-in pants are the devil, taxis are crazy and there’s no point in doing your hair…

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