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Who the hell is Jenna Wimshurst?

Jenna Wimshurst is a writer of comedy and travel, books and blogs, who likes to refer to herself in the third person. She’s also the favourite child of Marion and John. Everything you need to know and everything you probably don’t need to know about her is written in these books and blogs.

The blogs are in three categories:

Travel: Honest and humorous scribblings from my time gallivanting around the UK and the World. From having a pooey bath with an elephant in Thailand to being blamed for Adam and Eve’s fruit eating on a bus in Las Vegas, there really is something for everyone in these blogs.

ComedyAfter 150 stand up gigs and one quite disastrous Edinburgh Fringe show I realised that performing stand up comedy wasn’t for me. So now I write it, in the form of sketches, sitcoms, stories and blogs.

Lesbian StuffThese blogs are to do with writing and lesbian and feminist stuff. From my coming out story to smashing the patriarchy, these blogs are entertaining, informative and damn right filthy.

In the books section you will find some totes hilarious short fiction and some rather splendid travel journals.


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Overpriced eBooks
Bloody Patience
Voices In My Head